Recom Tylogic



The TYLOGIC® sensors are fitted directly to the inside of the rims. This offers the best protection against external damages or theft. The pressure sensors from TYLOGIC® cover the whole pressure range (0–12 bar) for light and heavy commercial vehicles and have a very high measuring accuracy within the range of several millibar.


Advantages of the TYLOGIC® TPM system by mounting the sensor directly on the inside of the rims and the inner liner of the tyre:

  • Localisation: The autolocation describes the capability to correctly determine the wheel position of a deviant tyre. The TYLOGIC® system measures the absolute pressure values of each tyre separately.
  • Can be used for LCV (light commercial vehicles below 3.5 t) and HCV (heavy commercial vehicles): The TYLOGIC® TPM system can be used for an unlimited number of tyres and is therefore suitable both for LCVs and HCVs.
  • Telematic fleet management: The measured pressure data of every tyre are sent to a database administered by the fleet manager. In case of under-inflation of the tyre, the fleet manager receives a message that enables him to have the tyre re-inflated.
  • Rapid response time: less than one minute
  • Winter and summer tyres: The TYLGOIC® sensor can be used on different tyres without having to be exchanged.